Tuesday 23 April 2013

Glitter Red Apples

Glitter Red Apples

Snow White Red Glitter Apples
Halloween Red Apples

I tried to upload a video here but it wasn't working so I have put it on youtube.

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Thursday 11 April 2013

Making A Table Cover for a Trestle Table

Table Cloth Party Settings

Whenever I have a party I pull out the old trusty Trestle Tables, however I was missing some really nice table covers that were made to fit these.

I wanted something that looked a little more chic and smart.

So Spotlight were having a huge Easter Sale - 40% off almost everything.

I ended up purchasing 3 sets of Queen Flat sheets and a heavily discounted 5 metre pack of Red Poplin for $14.00, I think it was left over from Christmas.

The sheets only cost $7.00 each after all the discounts.

I think that White, Red and Black would be colours that I could use for all different kinds of parties.

So here's how they look.

Race Car Party
Red Tablecloth, covered with a chequered piece of fabric

The tables can be dressed up to suit all different kinds of parties by simply adding a piece of fabric etc down the middle of the table.

Racing Car Party
  • Nascar
  • Cars

The fabrics are a little creased, but obviously on the day they would be nice and ironed.

This is a separate piece of fabric that I pinned around the table onto the red tablecloth
makes a great theme for"
  • circus
  • Candy
The Stripes were made using white and red strips sewn together and then scalloped at the edge.

 This was a striped fabric I purchased on sale from Spotlight on sale for about $3.99 per metre.

 Circus Theme party table cloth.

Circus/carnival theme party table tablecloth

This table cloth setting is also perfect for a circus party.
This fabric was given to me, they are 2 sets of curtains so I have 4 of these to use for parties.

Spotty Circus/Carnival Table
Another great money saving way to decorate tables is to use wrapping paper.
This is a pinstriped red wrapping paper that I picked up at Christmas from the Reject Shop.  Also I know that Ikea had the same sort of paper in, but they always sell out.

Candy Stripe circus carnival party tablecloth

80's or Glitzy party a basic red tablecloth can be dressed up using dance sequin fabric, very sparkly.

Ruffled Tablecloth

DIY Ruffled Tablecloth 

So here is the white ruffled tablecloth that I made for a bargain price of $15.00, I know that the shops are selling these for $150.00  I used 2 Queen size flat sheets for this project and a lot of time for making the ruffles and edging them.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Wild West Cowboy Party

Wild West Cowboy Party

A Wild West Cowboy Birthday party for my son's 7th Birthday. 

We had a wild time, the bank was robbed sooo many times that day.  The gold mine was exploded and Gold stolen.

The kids had a great time.

Upon arrival the party guests followed the party signs and they entered the Wild West through an Wild West Entrance.

The Wild West Party Invitation
Each Invitation was dipped into a coffee and Tea mixture that makes the paper look old.
Then I scorched all the edges to make them look older.
The Birthday Boy
The Wild West Party Sign this way.
The Cooper Ranch

 Homemade Dynamite,
no not really I made these with a party popper in the end.

Made using an empty Heineken Keg.
The Teepee
Teepee Tutorial instructions

The Wild West Bank
The Gold Mine
 The Dobby Horses
The Gold Mine Fossicking for Gold
The Local Wild West Jail 

The Wagon
made using trestle table, cardboard and 2 curtains sewn together and using
tent poles to hold up the fabric.

The Campfire at the Native American camp

The piƱata I made especially for the party.

 Wild West Party Favours Bubbles.

Wild West Table Centrepiece 

Wild West Table Centrepiece

Whats a cowboy party without some nuts

Games Station
Tin Can Alley
Shooting Alley

Gingham Party Favour Bags


The Hitching Post




The Cubby House housed the Sheriffs office
Sheriff sign made using the cardboard that is inside quilting fabrics
 A Great Wild West party.





Saturday 30 March 2013

Fairy Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Enchanted Forest

Fairy Party

I did a Fairy party for my friend's little girl, Laila who was turning 4.  We had the party at the Botanical Gardens in Ashmore, Gold Coast.

We set up the party in amongst the Bamboo a few metres away from the kids playground.

My friend and I also dressed up as fairies, which the girls loved.

As the fairy guests arrived we had fairy tattoos etc and for the boys Ben 10 Tattoos.

The Fairy Toadstool Birthday Cake
This cake was a hit with all the little Fairy guests.

 Fairy Tattoo Station

 The Fairy Magical Entrance

Fairy Party Activities

  • Tattoo station
  • Fairy Dancing with our Ribbon Sticks
made using Dowling and ribbon and hot glue and bells
  • Find the hidden Fairy Treasure in the woods
  • Bubbles
A great day and a lot of work
The girls had a magical fairy time in the woods.