Thursday, 11 April 2013

Making A Table Cover for a Trestle Table

Table Cloth Party Settings

Whenever I have a party I pull out the old trusty Trestle Tables, however I was missing some really nice table covers that were made to fit these.

I wanted something that looked a little more chic and smart.

So Spotlight were having a huge Easter Sale - 40% off almost everything.

I ended up purchasing 3 sets of Queen Flat sheets and a heavily discounted 5 metre pack of Red Poplin for $14.00, I think it was left over from Christmas.

The sheets only cost $7.00 each after all the discounts.

I think that White, Red and Black would be colours that I could use for all different kinds of parties.

So here's how they look.

Race Car Party
Red Tablecloth, covered with a chequered piece of fabric

The tables can be dressed up to suit all different kinds of parties by simply adding a piece of fabric etc down the middle of the table.

Racing Car Party
  • Nascar
  • Cars

The fabrics are a little creased, but obviously on the day they would be nice and ironed.

This is a separate piece of fabric that I pinned around the table onto the red tablecloth
makes a great theme for"
  • circus
  • Candy
The Stripes were made using white and red strips sewn together and then scalloped at the edge.

 This was a striped fabric I purchased on sale from Spotlight on sale for about $3.99 per metre.

 Circus Theme party table cloth.

Circus/carnival theme party table tablecloth

This table cloth setting is also perfect for a circus party.
This fabric was given to me, they are 2 sets of curtains so I have 4 of these to use for parties.

Spotty Circus/Carnival Table
Another great money saving way to decorate tables is to use wrapping paper.
This is a pinstriped red wrapping paper that I picked up at Christmas from the Reject Shop.  Also I know that Ikea had the same sort of paper in, but they always sell out.

Candy Stripe circus carnival party tablecloth

80's or Glitzy party a basic red tablecloth can be dressed up using dance sequin fabric, very sparkly.

Ruffled Tablecloth

DIY Ruffled Tablecloth 

So here is the white ruffled tablecloth that I made for a bargain price of $15.00, I know that the shops are selling these for $150.00  I used 2 Queen size flat sheets for this project and a lot of time for making the ruffles and edging them.

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