Sewing Projects

Sewing time

I love to sew.  but unfortunately I make a right mess when I get all my sewing gear out, unlucky for me with having a full house, we dont seem to have any spare rooms for all my crafting.  I did move out onto the back deck but that wasnt working as I was making the deck look a complete mess.

Hubby finally had enough of the mess and moved me into my own little sweat shop, a 3m x 3x Shed with double doors.  Its not fancy or anything but its mine.

I have recently set myself the task of making some Bistro Blinds for the kids cubbie house.

I went to spotlight but I found the pvc clear stuff just a little on the pricey side for the amount I would need.

so I remembered seeing the same kind of material being sold at Kmart, shower curtains at $6 each so I bought 3 of them.

I already have some timeber slats that were left over from Sophie's cot conversion into a bed.

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