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Transformers Cake - Bumblebee

This is the cake I made for my son's 4th Birthday, we had a transformer Bumblebee themed party, all decorations were yellow and Black.


Ive been making cakes for about 6 years I started making them when my 2nd child was born.  I now have 3 little wonderful children who love birthday partys as much as me.

So as I need to catch up with the blogging lark.  I will post the pictures of the cakes that I have made so far for the little ones and a few extra for friends.

The Cakes

This was the 1st ever fondant cake that I made, I learnt a few cake tips on the way, for e.g not putting the cake back in the fridge once you have put fondant on it.  The cake gets condensation on it and loses shape.  Oh well not bad for my first attempt.

The Safari Cake, 2 tiers and all the animals were made using fondant.  This was for a 4th Birthday Party.

 I saw these in one of my old women's weekly party books and thought they were very cute. froggy cupcakes.

In our house we were made about Shaun the Sheep, so I made this one for my son's 2nd Birthday.

Theres little Timmy, who now has his own spinoff show, Timmy Time, which we also love watching.

This was the pirate ship cake which I made for Daniel to have at his Kindy Party.  I was most pleased with this one.

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