Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fairy Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Enchanted Forest

Fairy Party

I did a Fairy party for my friend's little girl, Laila who was turning 4.  We had the party at the Botanical Gardens in Ashmore, Gold Coast.

We set up the party in amongst the Bamboo a few metres away from the kids playground.

My friend and I also dressed up as fairies, which the girls loved.

As the fairy guests arrived we had fairy tattoos etc and for the boys Ben 10 Tattoos.

The Fairy Toadstool Birthday Cake
This cake was a hit with all the little Fairy guests.

 Fairy Tattoo Station

 The Fairy Magical Entrance

Fairy Party Activities

  • Tattoo station
  • Fairy Dancing with our Ribbon Sticks
made using Dowling and ribbon and hot glue and bells
  • Find the hidden Fairy Treasure in the woods
  • Bubbles
A great day and a lot of work
The girls had a magical fairy time in the woods.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rustic Wooden Forest Fairy Cake Stand

Rustic Wooden Forest Fairy Cake Stand

I saw this cake stand and just loved it.

I love all things fairy so I now want to make one of these for an upcoming fairy Party.  This could also be used for any thing woodland inspired party.

The full tutorial is at this link so I cant take any credit for this little gem.

Rustic Wooden fairy cake stand

 Hope this will inspire you to make this aswell.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wooden Kids Kitchen

Wooden Kids Kitchen

The kids needed something extra for the new cubby house which we had built.  We we had some left over scraps of wood.  So I got planning and heres what I came up with.

 Now the fun part for me, painting and adding detail.

 On the other side I added a shop so it can be multiused.

The Kids Cubby House

The Cubby House

Not long after we arrived back in Oz with our 1st born we decided to build a cubby house for him.

We built the cubby house recycling wood from the tip yard and what we needed to buy mostly from Bunnings.

We were pretty making this up as we went along.

When we 1st put the height of the deck it was too high so we ended up taking it down lower so it was a bit more child friendly.

We have since added some furnishing and a slide.   All 3 children spend hours playing in the sandpit and inside the cubby, as I made a kitchen for them.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dinosaur Birthday Party


We decided on having a Dinosaur Party for my son who was turning 3, he was also into Peppa Pig so we made him a George Pig cake holding his green dinosaur.

I made the entrance out of cardboard boxes.

The weather was very wet that day so we had to change my plans and put the decorations under cover and not in the trees and garden.


Dippy Dinosaur Cake
This was from this wonderful cake makers book
George Pig Dinosaur Cake

Forever Busy Mum: Spiderman Party for 5 year old

Forever Busy Mum: Spiderman Party for 5 year old: Spider Man Party for 5 year old boy For my son's 5th Birthday he decided on a super spiderman party.  All the kids came dressed as you...

Spiderman Party for 5 year old

Spider Man Party for 5 year old boy

For my son's 5th Birthday he decided on a super spiderman party.  All the kids came dressed as you guessed it Spiderman, we had soo many spideys running around. 

The Spiderman Party table looked amazing, I bought the spiderman poster from the cinema, for a great price of $30, bargain.  this is not the full height, but I liked it more at this height.  I got the balloons from a ebay site in Ireland, as it was cheaper than buying them from spotlight in Australia, I put air in them and hung them from the ceiling and the photography stand.

 The Spiderman dinnerware etc, was bought from Spotlight


 A close up of the Spiderman Table accessories.

The Spiderman party loot bag table and drink station.
The kids green juice we called it Green Goblin Juice.
Also we made Spiderman coloured Slime.

The Spiderman Birthday cake was a hit, my son said he wanted a simple cake as he said I had worked hard enough on the all the other Spiderman party elements.

The kids loved the multicoloured spiderman cake centre.

Spiderman Party games, tin can alley.
The kids had a ball, they had soo much fun running around and pretending to be Spiderman, we didn't have to worry about keeping them occupied.
We did get in a couple of pass the parcels and musical statues.
All the kids had a great time.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Safari Birthday Party

For my son Daniel's 4th Birthday we made him a safari party.

It was a lot of fun, at the time there wasnt much in our shops for this kind of party, so once again out came the craft draw.

Hubby and I dressed up as Park Rangers.

All the kids invited came in fancy dress, of course wild animals.

I made a walkthrough that consisted of
  • a jungle
  • a batcave
  • Snakepit, which the kids swung over
  • and a stream and waterfall.
Food was jungle inspired.

  • Snake Eggs (grapes)
  • Dried Ants (raisins)
  • Crocodile Teeth (sandwiches cut into tiny triangles bitesize)
  • snake skin (crisps)
The Jungle

 The Batcave

The cascading waterfall and crocodile infested water

 The snake pit
A few bean bag games, made from cardboard and painted.

 The jungle inspired food.
The Birthday Cake