Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spiderman Party for 5 year old

Spider Man Party for 5 year old boy

For my son's 5th Birthday he decided on a super spiderman party.  All the kids came dressed as you guessed it Spiderman, we had soo many spideys running around. 

The Spiderman Party table looked amazing, I bought the spiderman poster from the cinema, for a great price of $30, bargain.  this is not the full height, but I liked it more at this height.  I got the balloons from a ebay site in Ireland, as it was cheaper than buying them from spotlight in Australia, I put air in them and hung them from the ceiling and the photography stand.

 The Spiderman dinnerware etc, was bought from Spotlight


 A close up of the Spiderman Table accessories.

The Spiderman party loot bag table and drink station.
The kids green juice we called it Green Goblin Juice.
Also we made Spiderman coloured Slime.

The Spiderman Birthday cake was a hit, my son said he wanted a simple cake as he said I had worked hard enough on the all the other Spiderman party elements.

The kids loved the multicoloured spiderman cake centre.

Spiderman Party games, tin can alley.
The kids had a ball, they had soo much fun running around and pretending to be Spiderman, we didn't have to worry about keeping them occupied.
We did get in a couple of pass the parcels and musical statues.
All the kids had a great time.

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