Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Safari Birthday Party

For my son Daniel's 4th Birthday we made him a safari party.

It was a lot of fun, at the time there wasnt much in our shops for this kind of party, so once again out came the craft draw.

Hubby and I dressed up as Park Rangers.

All the kids invited came in fancy dress, of course wild animals.

I made a walkthrough that consisted of
  • a jungle
  • a batcave
  • Snakepit, which the kids swung over
  • and a stream and waterfall.
Food was jungle inspired.

  • Snake Eggs (grapes)
  • Dried Ants (raisins)
  • Crocodile Teeth (sandwiches cut into tiny triangles bitesize)
  • snake skin (crisps)
The Jungle

 The Batcave

The cascading waterfall and crocodile infested water

 The snake pit
A few bean bag games, made from cardboard and painted.

 The jungle inspired food.
The Birthday Cake




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