Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Under The Sea Party

This is the Under the sea party that I threw for my 5 year old boy.

All decorations were hand made and I will try to include how I made them.

This can easily be made into a girls mermaid party.

Pirate cake which was made for the party which he had at his Kindy.

The main party cake was a shark on top of little tiny cupcakes which had little fondant figures ontop.


Party Room

The double garage was transformed into an underwater room.
I made the boat hanging from the ceiling out of a refrigerator box, I tried to give the illusion that we were underneath the surface of the ocean by putting the boat on the ceiling.
I hung large foil fish from fishing line from the rafters of the garage.

I made Jelly fish from large bubble wrap and cut into strip around the bubbles.
I then put a balloon underneath the bubblewrap to give it the roundness.
These were sooo effective.

 The sea anaemone was made using pink twisting balloons, and for the seaweed we used green twisting balloons.

 The party food I kept very simple and with the underwater theme, good old fish and chips.  Served in plastic noodle boxes.

 Heres a party bag which I got from our local surf club, the club gives them to children when they are in the dining area.  to keep them occupied why the biggies talk.  I saw the picture and thought they would be super for the party, so they let me buy a heap of them for 50c each, they contained stickets, colouring pencils and pictures.  purfect for the party.
The day was a success all the kiddies said that it was an awesome party and that to me makes it all worthwhile.

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