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Wild West Tee-pee, Wig-wam
Native American Teepee

I was having a Wild West Cowboys and Indians party for my son who was turning 7.

I needed a Tee-pee, Wigwam to create the Wild West theme, and I wanted a big one, but to buy one was going to be quite expensive so I came up with my own.

Trip to Bunning and I found that painters groundsheets were great for what I had in mind.  I think it cost me about $30 as they were the cheapest and on special.

I sewed a couple together, as the fabric needed to be huge.

1st a rectangle of painters canvas

 Then make a 1/2 a circle, using a pencil and string to draw a 1/2 circle.

I then painted it using acrylic paints


The Poles were bamboo which my neighbour had heaps of ready to chop down.

The end product, the kids loved it and it has been used lots of times, it is waterproof as well so I think maybe a camp - out next summer.

Recycling old Pallets

I love this idea of recycling, repurposing Pallets into household items.  Best of all they are free or very cheap to get hold of.


Think I might have to have a go at one of these pallet repurposing ideas.

Great ideas

Cot Conversion

Recently I chopped up my daughters cot and converted it into a toddler bed.

I didn't want to buy a toddler bed and I know I wont be having anymore babies, that parts over for me.

So what did I have to lose. 

It was quite a easy process in the end.

I didn't get too many in between pictures.  But you can get the idea of how I did it.

I painted the wood white as I love white in girls bedrooms.

Project cost me $0 as the cot was given to me by a friend when I arrived back in Oz, and I already had screws and paint in the shed.
my kind of makeover.

I took the sides off, and took the rungs out from the bottom part of the cot and cut little biskets to join the top part of the cot to the base.

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